weight loss journey


Hi there all, i am now determined to lose weight i’m using myfitnesspal to track my food excersise.

I have been excersising i us my mini trampoline to excersise at night so that way i don’t have to go out at all hours.

tracking food is easy i have the app on my phone too so if i’m out it will be just as simple as in front of my computer.

i will keep excersising until i lose some part of me ( the part i don’t like of course or at least some of it.) i think thats where i start to get dicouraged when i don’t lose weight but this time i have not very much but still its something.

and to me thats a good start. I will use running to help me on my journey and my mini trampoline to give me a bit more

at home better for your joints too and i’ve hit menopause so i have put on 40 more bls in the past year.


Running, i hope


Well this year i think i’ll start running at least i’m hoping to. I have found an absolutely beautiful place to do so here in montreal where i live we have an absolutely beautiful cemetery on mount Royal it spans many kilometers or miles if you like i wastaking photos there the other day (as i am in a photography show and sale there) I saw two runners just going in a nice pace and they did not look stained so it was encouraging so i’m researching proper form and avoidance of injuries (I hope).

So if running does not work out at first but i can always start by joging first and working up to running.
and see how that goes that way i’m not to overworked by straining myself by trying to hard.
I think turning fourty has done something to make me even think about excersise i’m not a big fitness person to begin with so i hope my fourtieth year i will get fit.Another thing happened this year i hit perimenopause so thats even more incentive to get fit and strong and rescue my bones.If anyone has any menopause advice i’m all ears. So all in all this year is a big year for me.

hugs to all


Moved out, Sad & down feeling


This post will be really different than the rest. It finally happened one of my kids moved out not just to an apartment but to niagra OMFG. My Daughter has borderline personality disorder and her GF has her convinced she is not sick and needs no treatment,
she is off her meds and is self medicating with pot.sigh I really do miss her though the house is so much more peaceful now. I can’t stop worrying about her her GF has told us that if something goes wrong she will not take her to the hospital but to her mother(not me) she is a naturopath sigh, i am beside myself with what to do; she is 20 years old and very far away, she told me that they would go for just a month i’m ok with that but it does not seem like she is coming home at all. She has enrolled in school there which is good but she could have done that here. She has no family there exept the GF who is a bit nuts BTW. all our roots are here in Montreal the only thing that would make me leave is the seperation of quebec and Canada. I sure hope she was telling me the truth that she was coming back in a month and in all honesty i’m hoping they break up.I have really taken a down turn myself i find myself being unhappy all the time except when i’m with my son and as soon as he leaves to go where ever i go into the dumps again all i feel is sad these days its like the feeling you get when someone dies nothing cheers me up.

Cycling for fun and for activity.


alright i owe you all an apology for not being in here sooner to post so here’s a little update for you.

I have given the 5 bite diet the boot even Dr OZ calls it a fad diet and i don’t want to do that so i’ve gone back to sparkpeople and have also decided to go cycling everyday to help my loss along i love to go biking ever sinse i was a kid back in the day when kids were not glued to the TV or playing video games all day long we went out to play and made up our own games boy do i miss those days.

So i am gonna be a kid again and bike for both fun and excersise and to get from point A to point B depending on how far it is, i live in the busy city of Montreal where the cars seem to think they have the right of way and don’t really care much for cylists. Back in the day when i was a kid people would actually slow down or stop for those of us riding our bikes, now this time i’m gonna stick to the bike paths so i am not killed,  one woman was killed not far from my house a couple of weeks ago. I can’t deny that it does make me nervous but that’s why i am sticking with the bike paths which we have plenty of but some are paths and others are bike lanes which i am not fond of they make me nervous just the same as the street. as for my diet which i am just watching what i eat and having healthy snacks instead of junk or penut butter my weakness as well as chocolate and cutting down on breads. That way i am taking in less salt and sugar and having fruit of raw carrotts my fave for a snack instead and also eating healthy meals limiting processed foods to a minimum. I hope you all are well and i do apologize for being absent for so long. 


Take care to all 


5 bites day 2


Ok so last night i messed up big and overate.

my loss for that day is only -1 lb so not big but it is something.

i ate for lunch a small piece of rye bread and penutbutter and now i’m not really that hungry at all. (for the moment)

I will have a coffee later and keep my balance. (i love coffee)

Salad for Duh Lunch?? with vegan cheese and homemade dressing. Good God i’m losing it!

siriously considering surgery!


5 bites


Boy, i have been so busy at school i have’nt had time to blog, i do appologize. Well i read something today i’m going to try its called the 5 bite diet, skip breakfast have 5 bites for lunch and 5 for dinner. It is based on the premise that like those who have had lapband surgery if we eat only aproxamately what they are eating we can lose too and that our stomach shrinks just like if you had had surgery. we get fat from years and years of overeating and eating unhealthy stuff. This in the end shrinks your stomach and therefore you eat less. I have decided to give it a try and start tomorrow. i ate an apple for breakfast this morning and am still not really all that hungry, so it did open my eyes to how much food we REALLY need,not as much as people think. This was developed by a doctor who specialises in the care of obese individuals and he has had lots of success when he put them on this diet. So i am giving it a try aparentely the first three days are pretty difficult but i will persue this anyway, its like quitting smoking, if you really want it you will succeed (i did succeed quiting) 😉 lot of hugs to all !

BTW my starting weight is 171.8 and i’m hopping for a 110lbs finishing weight but will wait and see how i feel at whatever weight, now that i am 39 and have had a couple of kids.