the hit of 2014!


Wow the feeling of shame i felt the time i weighed myself and i had hit an all time high! OMG i felt like my life if over, well i did some reading and its not so but to start i am going to tell you my stats i am5 feet half and inch so i’m not tall and can look big very easily hell i looked big at 140 lbs after my son was born but its to be expected after a baby now my babyis 17 yrs old so that is gone no more excuses for me. I did do some reading and have a plan some think that writing everything you eat down helps i found both yes and no last summer i became vegan and gained weight good lord how did that happen? well i was eating a fair bit of processed foods if you’re transitioning to veganism don’t get into the quick and easy learn to cook. That is another thing i will be learning as I write this blog i have learned to cook a bit but not a lot of things so i’m limited but i have learned to shop well and i don’t mean cheaply well that too but i mean healthy but if you can get all the sales there is no shame in that either in fact i managed to get four bags of groceries for 50$ at metro store It had amazing sales that week and they were mostly veggies too. that week i taught my son who is talking about moving when he is a bot older so i brought him shoping with a friend of his and we all made a nice vegan stir fry with tofu that nightand the next we made a vegan trir fry with penut satay sauce, so i am using this as a teaching and learning tool for my kids as well as myself. so to recap we have learned to shop and to cook simple meals we all enjoy infact my daughter who hayes tofu said at the table Mom i hated tofu before but you made it welll this time i like it only that time it was asian style again. not only am I enjoying this so are they we are having fun. and hell they are the last people who need to lose weight, that is my departement.


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