The Plan

The Plan

Ok so i have a plan now, i actually made it last night while lying in bed (total insomiac). Ok so here are my stats at present. 5 feet half an inch 175lbs. the loss needed at least 55 to 60 lbs thats a hefty loss, its gonna take some time. Ok so the plan is for my birthday March 16 i will commit to healthy meals and snacks. healthy. 3.cut junk food. 4.start my green smoothis again. 5. yoga every AM and PM hard at getting healthy and losing weight. 7.walk more. god i hope i can remember all that there are so many recipes i want to try out and there healthy some not so much so rethinking them but overall pretty healthy food looking forward to learning to cook better and healthier and most defanately lose a bit of weight.


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