Ok so its been about two weeks i have not (that i know of) lost any weight mind you its been interesting, my stepfather had a stroke a few weeks ago so life has not quite completely gone back to normal, as for me i have been relatively good this week not to say i did not steal a few cookies here and there. I have been busy with preparing for stage(internship) but for now, i know only two days but in need of something quick i decided to make a salad instead of microwaved something, its a healthy option and filling I find when i have a normal size salad i don’t feel the need to eat more afterwards boy i hope this works and no i’m not living on salads, but may not say no to one unless i’ve already eaten. I will post a pic soon and my starting weight,mind you people knowing my weight makes me cringe mabie tomorrow i will post my weight picture i have to find.


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