5 bites


Boy, i have been so busy at school i have’nt had time to blog, i do appologize. Well i read something today i’m going to try its called the 5 bite diet, skip breakfast have 5 bites for lunch and 5 for dinner. It is based on the premise that like those who have had lapband surgery if we eat only aproxamately what they are eating we can lose too and that our stomach shrinks just like if you had had surgery. we get fat from years and years of overeating and eating unhealthy stuff. This in the end shrinks your stomach and therefore you eat less. I have decided to give it a try and start tomorrow. i ate an apple for breakfast this morning and am still not really all that hungry, so it did open my eyes to how much food we REALLY need,not as much as people think. This was developed by a doctor who specialises in the care of obese individuals and he has had lots of success when he put them on this diet. So i am giving it a try aparentely the first three days are pretty difficult but i will persue this anyway, its like quitting smoking, if you really want it you will succeed (i did succeed quiting) 😉 lot of hugs to all !

BTW my starting weight is 171.8 and i’m hopping for a 110lbs finishing weight but will wait and see how i feel at whatever weight, now that i am 39 and have had a couple of kids.


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  1. I started the 5 bite diet yesterday and so far I’m loving it! It just made perfect sense to me. My CW is 234. I started with other diets two years ago at 262 pounds. I’m looking forward to seeing what this diet has in store for me. 🙂

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