5 bites day 2


Ok so last night i messed up big and overate.

my loss for that day is only -1 lb so not big but it is something.

i ate for lunch a small piece of rye bread and penutbutter and now i’m not really that hungry at all. (for the moment)

I will have a coffee later and keep my balance. (i love coffee)

Salad for Duh Lunch?? with vegan cheese and homemade dressing. Good God i’m losing it!

siriously considering surgery!



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  1. Good Luck with the weight loss! Only 5 bites a day? (I’d probably start dreaming of gnawing my hands off) LOL. I like meat, but could easily live on vegetables – I have a weakness for bread, though and salty things which are not good for my blood pressure!

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