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Moved out, Sad & down feeling


This post will be really different than the rest. It finally happened one of my kids moved out not just to an apartment but to niagra OMFG. My Daughter has borderline personality disorder and her GF has her convinced she is not sick and needs no treatment,
she is off her meds and is self medicating with pot.sigh I really do miss her though the house is so much more peaceful now. I can’t stop worrying about her her GF has told us that if something goes wrong she will not take her to the hospital but to her mother(not me) she is a naturopath sigh, i am beside myself with what to do; she is 20 years old and very far away, she told me that they would go for just a month i’m ok with that but it does not seem like she is coming home at all. She has enrolled in school there which is good but she could have done that here. She has no family there exept the GF who is a bit nuts BTW. all our roots are here in Montreal the only thing that would make me leave is the seperation of quebec and Canada. I sure hope she was telling me the truth that she was coming back in a month and in all honesty i’m hoping they break up.I have really taken a down turn myself i find myself being unhappy all the time except when i’m with my son and as soon as he leaves to go where ever i go into the dumps again all i feel is sad these days its like the feeling you get when someone dies nothing cheers me up.