Monthly Archives: May 2015

Running, i hope


Well this year i think i’ll start running at least i’m hoping to. I have found an absolutely beautiful place to do so here in montreal where i live we have an absolutely beautiful cemetery on mount Royal it spans many kilometers or miles if you like i wastaking photos there the other day (as i am in a photography show and sale there) I saw two runners just going in a nice pace and they did not look stained so it was encouraging so i’m researching proper form and avoidance of injuries (I hope).

So if running does not work out at first but i can always start by joging first and working up to running.
and see how that goes that way i’m not to overworked by straining myself by trying to hard.
I think turning fourty has done something to make me even think about excersise i’m not a big fitness person to begin with so i hope my fourtieth year i will get fit.Another thing happened this year i hit perimenopause so thats even more incentive to get fit and strong and rescue my bones.If anyone has any menopause advice i’m all ears. So all in all this year is a big year for me.

hugs to all