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weight loss journey


Hi there all, i am now determined to lose weight i’m using myfitnesspal to track my food excersise.

I have been excersising i us my mini trampoline to excersise at night so that way i don’t have to go out at all hours.

tracking food is easy i have the app on my phone too so if i’m out it will be just as simple as in front of my computer.

i will keep excersising until i lose some part of me ( the part i don’t like of course or at least some of it.) i think thats where i start to get dicouraged when i don’t lose weight but this time i have not very much but still its something.

and to me thats a good start. I will use running to help me on my journey and my mini trampoline to give me a bit more

at home better for your joints too and i’ve hit menopause so i have put on 40 more bls in the past year.